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Trump Ad Excoriates Biden and Dems on Sex Assault Allegations

Tara Reade and former US Vice President Joe Biden Tara Reade/Twitter; Saul Loeb—AFP via Getty Images

It’s becoming abundantly clear that not all women deserve to be heard. For years we have been told by nearly all Democrats that it is essential to believe every woman that comes forward with sex assault allegations. That is until their party leader Joe Biden has come under fire.

The following ad recently put out by the Trump campaign exposes the blatant hypocrisy that runs rampant throughout the Democrat party.

All Women Deserve to Be “Believed”

To further reiterate the cries about believing all women — we need not look any further than Democrat Mazie Hirono. This outspoken Democrat Senator from Hawaii got up on her soapbox and lectured all men. She blamed all men for the horrible minority that actually partake in these heinous acts.

It’s About Consistency

No one is saying that Joe Biden is guilty. Consistency is what we are looking for. An individual is innocent until proven guilty. This premise should reign true regardless of one’s political affiliation.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was dragged through the mud over unproven sex assault allegations. There was no corroborating evidence and alleged witnesses to his supposed crimes who had no recollection of what took place. Nonetheless, we watched Mr. Kavanaugh undergo relentless scrutiny only to be exonerated of all charges.

President Trump has also fallen victim to the relentless sex assault allegations. These allegations have come from all sides and every step of the way we were told these women deserve to be heard and believed.

The question is, why doesn’t Tara Reade deserve the same benefit of the doubt? Given the standard set by the Democrat party and the MeToo movement she needs to be heard and believed.

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