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BREAKING: CBS News Staged COVID19 Testing Center

Undercover journalist James O’Keefe recently posted yet another groundbreaking video. This time his operations undercover work exposed a COVID19 testing center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cherry Health Heart of the City Health Center, that was outright staging the testing line.

Why Stage a Testing Center

This was taking place to make the testing center look busier than it actually was. The reason for this was to put on a show for CBS News This Morning as they were there to do a segment on coronavirus testing centers. Knowing this it begs the question, why stage the testing center in the first place?

The obvious assumption is that there weren’t as many sick people as they had planned for. Furthermore, CBS News was clearly looking to sensationalize the COVID19 pandemic. Just as many other news outlets have been doing for weeks now — which again makes one wonder what are the real numbers?

Claims made by CBS News attempt to refute the video saying that the testing is pre-scheduled. Yet a worker at the testing center openly questions why the line was so long despite the low number of actual appointments on the schedule.

Director of quality and information for Cherry Health Glenda Walker even requested staff to volunteer by heading out and driving to one of the testing tents. Those that drove to the tent were told by Ms. Walker that they wouldn’t be tested. Their only role was to make the testing center look busier than it actually was just for the news.

The whole point of staging the testing center was to provide the public with false news. Inaccurate testing numbers are being generated simply to drive up the numbers. Why drive up the numbers? Fear! The higher the numbers the more panicked the general public becomes. And the easier it is for the government to lengthen the lockdown.

It’s Time To Reopen the Country

It’s obvious that the numbers coming from this particular testing center are inaccurate, to say the least. After all, if the pandemic was to the level we’re being told by the news media why would it then be necessary to stage a testing center?

Couple this with reports that CBS News was using video footage from Italy claiming it was hospital emergency departments here in the US. Even of all sites confirmed this report.

The level to which the media is going to drive the narrative surrounding COVID19 should have everyone questioning just what is going on. Day after day we are kept in the dark told we have to do our part by staying home.

We are provided little to no factual data as to the severity of the outbreak. Furthermore, we are told that if we do go outside and consider protesting the lockdown that we face possible arrest. It’s time to take a step back and reanalyze the entire COVID19 situation and begin to look at things logically and question everything the government is doing to us.

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