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MSNBC Contributor: Americans Have a “Freedom Obsession”

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A “freedom obsession” is how MSNBC contributor Anand Giridharadas tries to explain away those who want to reopen the country. Those who understand our Constitutional rights and that they are being violated. This is happening as governors around the country continue their vice grip on local economies and small businesses.

This sentiments were expressed by Giridharadas during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”. Furthermore he went on to say, “One of the fundamental questions to me is, what’s going to be our relationship to government, the idea of government after this? We kind of look at it at three levels this week.”

“There’s a primordial American tradition going back to the founders of being freedom-obsessed, even though we’re a country founded on slavery and genocide,” Giridharadas continued. “Being freedom-obsessed to the point where we’re always so afraid of the government coming for us that we’re blind to other types of threats, whether it’s a virus, whether it’s bank malfeasance, climate change, what have you.”

The “enlightened” self-avowed socialist explains that many are so obsessed with the freedom they are blind to a variety of threats. Two of these threats, in particular, include “bank malfeasance” and of course “climate change”. As a matter of fact Anand, we aren’t blind to these threats — we just don’t see government as the solution to the problem.

Exploiting the COVID19 Crisis

It’s important to hammer home the idea put forth by Rham Emanuel to never let a crisis go to waste. He explains that a crisis allows government to do things it otherwise couldn’t get away with. That is precisely what we are witnessing as we head into the moth of May still under lock down.

Finally, freedom-minded individuals are rising up and asserting their Constitutional rights such as the right to “petition our government for a redress of grievances.” As hard as local governments try and quell the protests those “freedom obsessed” citizens continue to show up waving the American flag. We should all commend them for what it is they are doing rather than condemn them.

Try as they may, individuals like Anand Giridharadas will try and besmirch those who stand up for our freedoms. When in reality those standing up for our freedoms are the heart and backbone of this country.

Anand had the unmitigated nerve to speak to the idea that this country was founded on an obsession with freedom. Well, Anand, that is exactly what this country was founded on and it’s not going to change. Just because we have pseudo-intellectual elites in the media speaking down to us doesn’t mean what they say actually holds any weight.

Without those freedom obsessed individuals defending our God-given rights you wouldn’t have the ability to say what you want to say. Believe me you talk down to those obsessed with our freedoms and we will lose those very freedoms that make this country what it is today. And when we do they won’t just be coming for the freedom obsessed — believe me they’ll be coming for you too!

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