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Murphy Teams Up With Gates Foundation Funded Company to Track Citizens

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Local governments and municipalities around the country are obsessing over contact tracing in an alleged effort to get things back to normal. However, there are countless questions surrounding this alleged solution to the COVID19 pandemic.

Is it Legal?

Without getting into the nuances of the idea of contact tracing, the question is whether or not states and municipalities have the right to send someone to your front door to gather data on you. From what we are being told, the state of New Jersey is attempting to hire citizens to carry out the duties of contact tracing.

Many questions still remain!

  • What type of information will they be obtaining?
  • Are we required to comply with these individuals should they come knocking?
  • If we decline to comply will we face some sort of fine or another type of penalty?
  • Will this be a state legislated program?
  • What budget will this program be funded through?
  • Will informed consent be given to NJ citizens regarding testing and the implications of contact tracing in NJ?
  • Will those who had contact with an infected person be “required” to be tested? To be quarantined? Will they be held in quarantine, and for how long, and could they be held against their will?
  • Is there an opt-out option provided to NJ citizens?

As of yet, there doesn’t appear to be any legislation that has passed through the statehouse. The contact tracing program looks to be just another mandate being forced upon the people from Governor Murphy. And of course “it is for our own good” using the COVID19 pandemic as their mandate to circumvent the Constitution.

Gates Foundation Ties to Contact Tracing Business Demagi

To manage this huge undertaking, the state of New Jersey has contracted with a company called Demagi. A quick glance at their website gives one the idea that this is just a harmless company that wants to help with the COVID19 crisis.

While the appearance of the website may seem rather innocuous, it’s important to follow the money to fully understand what is at play. With a simple Google search, it is easy to see just where this company, Demagi, gets a large portion of their funding. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is heavily invested in Demagi which should concern every single citizen of this state.

How Do You Become A Contact Tracer?

On the surface, contact tracing seems like a legitimate means to help eradicate a disease such as COVID19. While that may be the case, many experts have said we are long past the point of contact tracing. With tens of thousands of cases, it is nearly impossible to accurately track every case.

Nonetheless, Governor Murphy is insisting that this is how we get back to normal. What should concern everyone is the method they are using to hire these so-called contact tracers. A simple online assessment is all that is needed to get your “certification” to head out and begin interacting with the general public.

The ease of getting this certification should concern everyone. The contact tracing program will be gathering sensitive data that will be handled by individuals that haven’t been fully vetted. The privacy concerns are endless. Will the program be regulated using HIPPA laws given the fact that our medical information will be gathered? Will medical confidentiality be preserved?

Tracking You Through Your Phone

If sending out a small army of unvetted “contact tracers” to your neighborhood isn’t enough. Both Google and Apple are updating their operating systems with built-in contact tracing functionality.

This brings a whole new level of privacy concerns to the fore. They claim this will be an “opt-in” application despite the fact that the software is built-in to the phone regardless of whether or not you want it.

The United States seems to be following in the footsteps of China when it comes to handling COVID19 pandemic response. China recently implemented a policy in which citizens were required to download a specific app to their smartphones. This app was used to not only track them, but it was also used to grant access to stores and businesses.

If that isn’t enough, local municipalities are beginning to utilize drone technology to enforce social distancing. Their drones are taking to the skies just as they did in China. What is even more concerning is the technology found within many of these drones. The eyes in the sky are now able to track your biometrics such as heart rate, temperature, and some can even tell if you’re coughing.

Currently, we are being told that all contact tracing applications and programs are voluntary. As many continue shaming those who want to reopen the country, the question remains will they shame those who don’t want to be “traced”. If so will the government then react and require these draconian tracking methods to become mandatory? If so this will drastically alter life in the United States as we know it.

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