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COVID19 Stimulus Bill Designed to Bail Out Democrat Run States

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What is being looked at as a political football, the newly proposed $3 trillion dollar coronavirus “stimulus” bill is set to go up for a vote. As with most bills passed in the name of COVID19, this bill is chock full of ridiculous spending proposals including billions of dollars to bail out poorly run states.

Bailing Out States

According to The Hill,

In a joint statement, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said states need at least $500 billion in aid to make up for revenues lost during the crisis.

Of the $3 trillion dollars in proposed spending, a suggested $500 billion dollars is said to be going to hard-hit states like New York and New Jersey just to name a couple. What is being left out of all of this is the fact that these states were in dire straits long before COVID19 came along.

While other states around the country are managed in a fiscally responsible manner, states like NY and NJ continue to fund things like free college for illegal immigrants and other pet projects.

The only way to ensure states are run responsibly is to hold them accountable when they mismanage funds. The voters need to be made aware of the wrongdoings of local representatives. That way they can hold them accountable rather than constantly blaming Washington when local leaders screw things up. All politics is local and this is precisely why that is.

It is the mismanagement of state funds in a state that brings in more tax revenue than nearly every state in the country. This negligence on the behalf of our state leaders has led to the fiscal crisis we are in and it’s not the federal government’s responsibility to bail out states like NJ — coronavirus or no coronavirus.

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