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Pelosi Diversion Tactics to Avoid Holding China Accountable

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi named Rep. Bill Foster, D-Ill., and others to a new Bipartisan House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. Getty

The lengths by which Democrats and many on the left will go to avoid holding China accountable are disgusting. The diversion tactics coming from Nancy Pelosi should have everyone questioning the true intentions of the Democrat party.

From the very beginning, President Trump was out in front of this crisis halting travel from China which is said to have saved thousands of lives. Despite his efforts, the virus still made its way to our shores.

Since its arrival here, the coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the country. Tragically thousands have lost their lives and life as we know it has been drastically altered. Despite this, President Trump has held steadfast in referring to the virus as the “Wuhan virus” or simply the “China virus”.

Of course, these remarks were met with utter disdain from the media and those on the left. His remarks were immediately met with shouts of “racism” and “xenophobia”. Nonetheless, the President stood firm in his condemnation of China.

Diversion Tactics

In a recent press briefing, Nancy Pelosi made every effort she could to divert attention away from the relation between COVID19 and China.

In her remarks, Pelosi explains that we should “put aside how we got here in our own country.” She explains how it is important to concern ourselves with how we go forward rather than look back at how the Trump administration reacted to the pending crisis.

The irony here is that while she puts an emphasis on moving forward, Democrats are clamoring to start investigating the Trump administration’s response to COVID19.

Meeting the Needs of the American People

Suddenly the Democrats want to divert attention away from China. They even want to redirect attention away from investigating President Trump. There is one reason for this, they want to focus on their next stimulus spending bill.

The recently proposed $3 trillion dollar spending bill is being debated in congress. This bill would essentially pave the way for those on unemployment to remain on unemployment for the rest of the year. Furthermore, it creates a dependant class of people in this country many of whom will be getting paid more by government than they would if they were working.

Democrats are exploiting the COVID19 crisis for politicalplain and simple. They are setting the stage for an expansion of government the likes of which have never been seen before in this country. Once people become reliant on government for their wellbeing—it will be impossible to go back to the way things were.

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