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Standing For What you Believe In

Is this what we have come to in this country? Have we come to a point in which we marginalize which lives matter more than others? Followed by individuals literally assaulting one another simply because they disagree with each other’s political stance. It’s more important now that it has ever been to stand for what you believe in.

I’m oftentimes told that I need to check what I say and what I write to make sure that I am a good person. Then I look at actions like this and realize that the world needs people like me who are willing to call out the evil that exists. The evil that fills people with such hatred that they would in effect punch someone in the face simply because they disagree with them.

It’s Up to Us to Call Out Evil

I truly believe we are all put here for a reason. Some of us are here to teach others—others are here to inspire their fellow man. What does it mean to be a good person? Does it mean that we follow the agenda, follow what we are told that we should believe? Does it mean that we simply cave when we are told that we shouldn’t have differing opinions?

It’s quite the contrary! Being a good person means you have the courage to say the things that others may disagree with. Being a good person means you have the morals and values to understand right from wrong without letting worldly virtues throw you off track. When you are a good person you are grounded in the principles of right and wrong and are willing to fight for those principles no matter what.

Regardless of what people may say you stand firm for what you believe in and are willing to fight for it. Some may question your approach—some may even criticize how you say and do things. At the end of the day it’s up to each and every one of us to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and be able to accept what we see staring back at us.

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  1. Merle July 9th, 2020 at 7:41 am

    Amen. We lost a Great Patriot this week who had a very similar philosophy as yours. Charlie Daniels was more than a musician. Charlie stood for the American Flag, knelt at the Cross, supported our Great Military and the Thin Blue Line. He will be forever missed. Who will step into the Breach that is being torn open by Anti-American Leftist Thugs? How many of us will have his courage and resolve to stand tall?


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