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“Peaceful Protesters” Have Become the Modern Day Mob

KING 5 News/Screenshot/YouTube

Seattle protests have become riots—and now they have come for the city’s police chief! The protesters have begun using mob tactics as they attempted to bring their intimidation tactics from the city to the suburbs.

Time and time again we are lectured by democrats from the highest levels of government all the way down to the local level that the violence wreaking havoc on many of our big cities is nothing more than “peaceful protests”.

The incessant appeasement of the so-called protesters has led to a more brazen group of individuals. While many gatherings may have started out as peaceful—it has become abundantly clear that we have long passed the point of peaceful assemblies. With local elected officials in cities such as Seattle and Portland handcuffing police keeping them from doing their jobs, the mob tactics have reached a new and dangerous level.

According to the Daily Caller,

Police Chief Carmen Best sent the letter to the president and public safety chair of the council Monday, and explained how a residence of hers was visited by a “large group of aggressive protestors” who were fended off from illegal behavior by neighbors “despite repeated attempts to do so.”

The Mob Has Moved Out of the Big City

When you give in to a child they test their ability to push the limits. The same thing is taking place with the Antifa terrorists who are pillaging and destroying cities across the country. They have been given free rein in cities like Portland and Seattle to do as they please. Furthermore, local elected officials have demonized the President’s efforts to bring in federal law enforcement to help quell the violence and protect federal properties.

This has led to an unregulated mob that has laid waste to these cities and is now moving into the suburbs. This is evident as we watched their ill-fated attempt to pay a visit to the home of Seattle’s police chief. Luckily neighbors were able to keep the mob at bay and help protect the home of Police Chief Carmen.

We will see how the mayor and city council reacts to this behavior by the unregulated mob. As democrats continue to give credence to this behavior it is possible that things may get worse before they get better.

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