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Freedom Has a Place in Fair Lawn

The first amendment is alive and well just 40 or so miles from NYC. In the sleepy borough of Fair Lawn people of all walks of life gathered to support our great police and first responders. Exercising their right to free speech and to peaceably assemble, they gathered at the local train station and harmoniously walked down to borough hall.

While support for police has become somewhat of a controversial issue over the past few months, the residents of Fair Lawn understand the importance of backing our law enforcement officers. Furthermore, residents gathered to show their appreciation to the EMS and firefighters as well who are always there for us—especially during the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Freedom for All

One of the most fundamental rights we have as citizens of the United States is the right to free speech which includes the right to peaceably assemble. This essential right was on full display in Fair Lawn on Monday evening as those attending the rally were flanked by Black Lives Matter activists. Each was afforded their constitutional right to be heard and it was conducted in a professional and peaceful manner.

Below you can hear chants of “Thank You” from the crowd as the rapid response unit arrives.

The Fair Lawn PD with assistance from the rapid response unit came together to protect everyone’s right to peaceably assemble. The very people who some want to admonish were there ensuring all voices were able to be heard. This is something that can’t go unnoticed and needs to be respected. In the town of Fair Lawn, everyone has a voice.

More Than Just a Rally

What took place in Fair Lawn wasn’t just a rally, it was a ceremony organized by people who love this town. This ceremony brought together hundreds of residents from all walks of life who wanted to show their support for those who selflessly serve the community.

This gathering wasn’t about standing on opposite sides of the street shouting at each other, it was about coming together as a town in these turbulent times. We gathered to sing the National Anthem in one voice all respecting our great American Flag.
Singing of the National Anthem

Following the inspiring moment when we all came together to sing our National Anthem, local Pastor David Boone led us all in a prayer.
Prayer led by Pastor Boone

Some of the distinguished speakers included former Mayor John Cosgrove and current Mayor Kurt Peluso. Each of these individuals has selflessly served this town for years. These highly respected individuals show what it means to put politics aside and come together in support of a cause that is greater than all of us. They embody the notion of coming together to support those who serve the community in these tempestuous times.
Former Mayor John Cosgrove Speaks
Current Mayor Kurt Peluso Speaks

Thank You to Our First Responders

What has been billed by some as a divisive rally in reality was a moment in which the town of Fair Lawn has come together and put our differences aside. We watched as our mayor, a beloved former mayor, a local pastor, and residents from town bring together hundreds of people for a cause bigger than oneself.

One thing that cannot be forgotten regardless of where you stand is the fact that Fair Lawn showed the world the importance of the First Amendment. When voices are being silenced, Fair Lawn was that beacon of hope that all people can in fact speak out and be heard.

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