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BLM Speaker Calls for Violence in the Streets

Credit: YouTube screen shot "The Journal Times"

Black lives matter has nothing to do with black lives mattering. Just listen to this black lives matter speaker as he openly calls for a race war on the streets of America.

Outright Calls For Violence

Despite the relentless remarks from the media that these are simply “peaceful protesters”, it is becoming blatantly obvious that’s not the case. In an event where the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin Mandela Barnes spoke we watched as a black lives matter protester outright called for the killing of white people.

These calls for violence are becoming louder and louder as of late. What the media likes to call “protests” are escalating into unrest in which American citizens are being gunned down in the streets.

Watching this individual speak alongside the Lt. Governor of a state within this country should be a cause of concern for every freedom loving American. The democrat party has continued to make every excuse they can to give credence to those rioting and looting.

We are now seeing them openly side with the violent mob. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that you are capable of protecting yourself and your love ones. We are coming to a tipping point and before long the Constitution may be all we have left.

Inciting a Race War

Despite the progress we have made in the past few decades when it comes to race relations in this country, one would surmise black lives matter intends to undo all of that.

These calls for violence in the streets are very concerning especially considering that statistically speaking there are about twice as many whites killed by blacks than blacks killed by whites in this country each year.

As these calls to violence continue to be amplified by the media it is important that we all come together and drown out the hate. The democrats realize the only way they can win is to divide the country and we cannot let that happen.

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