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Kamala Harris Supported Bailing Out Rioters in Minneapolis

YES… Democrats hate this country!! We ave been watching cities across our great nation burned to the ground for months while the media covers for the looters and Democrats fail to say a word!!

In FACT, Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris even went as far as to support bailing out the “protesters” that burned Minneapolis to the ground!

This isn’t “Trump’s America”… what is taking place is happening under Democrat leadership or lack thereof in these cities around the country!

If you want your President, our President Donald Trump to act I fully support that… but it’s up to those democrats that the people elected to call on President Trump for assistance

That’s how the Constitution works… The states are sovereign entities and the federal government can’t just barge in with federal forces. And, when Trump did provide assistance in Portland the leftist anarchists (aka democrats and media) berated him saying he was deploying “secret police” which he wasn’t.

While you watch Biden emerge from his basement like a groundhog, remember this violence lies solely at the feet of the democrats. We have watched cities across this country burn for the better part of 90 days all the while the media and democrats told us these were “peaceful protests”. We even watched as some of the idiotic new media outlets broadcasted in from of burning buildings while making the claim the protests were “otherwise peaceful”.

People are waking up to the realization that this violence is the work of socialist anarchists. Anarchists that the media and Democrats alike have given a free pass to for months. Now that the polls are no longer playing in their favor, Biden is coming with the narrative that this is somehow “Trump’s America”.

Please, anyone back that statement up with any factual proof to substantiate that claim.

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