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Fair Lawn, NJ Shoplifter Caught 4x in One Week

Fair Lawn Police Photo Credit: Fair Lawn PD

Criminals are caught, and shortly thereafter they are released. This catch and release policy is taking a foothold in cities across the country. In fact, this catch and release policy is even becoming prevalent in small-town America.

Catch and Release Plagues Democrat Run Cities

For quite some time now we have been told that it is too cruel to hold criminals accountable for the crimes they commit. As a result, many are caught for crimes such as shoplifting, vandalism, and even assault and subsequently released just hours later.

The one major factor that the majority of these cases have in common is that they take place in areas typically run by Democrats. Democrats and liberals alike are clearly siding with the criminals over law-abiding citizens. Allowing criminals to be released back into the general public puts our families and loved ones in grave danger.

Fair Lawn NJ — Shoplifter Caught 4x in One Week

In the sleepy little town of Fair Lawn NJ just miles from the heart of midtown Manhattan a serial shoplifter was at large.

According to the local Daily Voice news outlet,

Fair Lawn police nabbed a serial shoplifter four times in one week, including twice the same day, authorities said.

Officers found Jose Vasquez, 53, of Paterson on Broadway at 27th Street after he swiped $85.80 worth of merchandise from a nearby CVS the morning of Aug. 21, Sgt. Brian Metzler said.

They charged him with shoplifting and defiant trespassing and sent him to the Bergen County Jail.

Vasquez was released soon after – and returned to the CVS, where he stole $451.36 worth of merchandise two days later, Metzler said.

Police found Vasquez, with the stolen items, at a bus stop at Fair Lawn Avenue and Chandler Drive a short time later, the sergeant said.

They charged him, again, with shoplifting and defiant trespassing and released him pending a hearing.

It was only a short time later that same day that Officer Miguel Cruz spotted Vasquez heading into the Walgreens on River Road.

As the officer watched, Vasquez put $163.46 worth of unpaid items into a bag, Metzler said.

Cruz arrested Vasquez on shoplifting charges, then sent him to the Bergen County Jail.

Four days later, police were again called to the CVS. They arrested Vasquez, who wasn’t permitted in the store, and charged him with defiant trespassing before again sending him to the county lockup.

Elections Have Consequences

As the saying goes — elections have consequences. This is a prime example of what happens when the plague that is the democrat party runs the local government. The town of Fair Lawn mentioned here is run top to bottom by Democrats. Furthermore, the county and even state levels of government are also run by Democrats.

I understand that we have to try and get along and all come together for the common good. I think that is something we call all agree upon. The fact of the matter is — how do you come together for the common good when local elected officials continue to put the lives of their constituents at risk?

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  1. Merle September 3rd, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    What goes unpunished will continue


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