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MAGA vs BLM Unfolds in the Octagon

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Colby Covington takes on Tyrone Woodley in a highly touted bout that has become a microcosm of what is going on in the country today. On one side we have Mr. Covington who is a red-blooded MAGA American. The other side features a BLM activist in Tyrone Woodley.

I will preface this by saying I am not really a UFC fan. Despite that, I was drawn to this matchup because I felt it portrayed where we are in the country today.

As portrayed in this pre-fight press conference you have Tyrone Woodley who is the stereotypical BLM activist who literally couldn’t say anything other than “Black Lives Matter”. As with many BLM activists, he couldn’t elaborate on any point or truly answer any questions. Then you have the MAGA man Colby Covington who touted the dragon energy he received from none other than our President Donald Trump.

The two fighters didn’t meet on stage at the same time. Nonetheless, verbal jabs were thrown and their differences were settled in the Octagon.

A Microcosm of What’s Going On In The Country Today

As tensions grow between conservatives and the Marxists in black lives matter we often times look to sports as our escape. Unfortunately, sports has been fully infiltrated by black lives matter organization activists.

This makes the latest UFC bout so refreshing. We finally have an athlete who openly supports our President Donald Trump. Colby Covington doesn’t just support our President, he is completely unafraid to wear those beliefs on his sleeve.

UFC Vegas 11 Outcome a Precursor to The 2020 Presidential Election?

As with most battles between black lives matter activists and MAGA supporters, the UFC Vegas 11 bout ended with a MAGA victory. Colby Covington came out victorious, and to top it all off he received a call from none other than President Trump himself.

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