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Former Biden Confidant to Moderate Next Debate

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

If you thought the last debate was a shit show, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. Throughout the last debate Fox News anchor Chris Wallace stopped at nothing to try and keep Donald Trump from making any of the points he was trying to lay out. If that wasn’t bad enough, the next debate’s moderator Steve Scully from C-SPAN has close ties to former VP Joe Biden.

According to Fox News,

Steve Scully, who serves as a host for C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” interned for Biden after coming to Washington, D.C. as a student, according to Marie Claire. He later worked as a staff assistant for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., a Democratic icon who was honored at the party’s 2012 convention.

Steve Scully the Never Trumper

Not only did Steve Scully intern for Joe Biden and work as a staff assistant for the late Senator Ted Kennedy, he went as far as to post a NY Times article to Twitter entitled “No, Not Trump, Not Ever.”

We’ve been told that debates are supposed to be unbiased. Debates are supposed to let the American people really get to know who the candidates are. The last debate was riddled with interruptions by the moderator. This debate they want to give the moderator the ability to cut the mics of the candidates on stage.

We then come to find out that Steve Scully is the individual they want to give control of the mics to. An individual with a clear bias and close ties to former VP Joe Bide.

The mere fact that Scully has a Masters Degree in journalism should tell you everything you need to know. He is a product of the fake news media selected to do the bidding of the fake news media.

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