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The Trump Train is full steam ahead as we close in on Election Day. We have seen Trump parades around the country but no one thought we would see one in the deep blue NYC. Turns out even the ultra-liberal socialists in NYC can’t keep the Trump supporters at bay.

For those who don’t already know, the socialist mayor Bill DeBlasio and his commie thugs painted a “black lives matter” mural outside of Trump tower. This mural has since been defaced numerous times. Sure enough though the commie mayor continues to use tax payer dollars to have it repainted.

Trump Train Runs over BLM Mural

The NYC socialists can take their BLM mural and shove it as the Trump Train rolled into town today. There were Trump flags, Gadsden flags, and thin blue line flags as far as the eye could see.

As we watch these Trump trains and boat parades gain momentum across the country it’s hard conceptualize just how Biden would be able to come out on top in the upcoming election. Prior to the tragic COVID diagnosis our President received the other day we watched as thousands showed up for every one of his rallies.

Furthermore, just take a drive through many neighborhood across the country and you’ll see Trump flags, Trump signs, and yes ever people donning their MAGA hats. The silent majority is silent no more and here’s to hoping we see a MAGA landslide in just under a month from now!

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