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National Guard Sleeping in Parking Garages in Washington DC

Some National Guardsmen sleep on the ground of a parking garage near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. | POLITICO

Following Biden’s inauguration, that same military has been treated like dogs.

Our military is our nation’s most precious commodity. Without their sacrifices, there is a very real possibility that our nation would cease to exist. From our founding, the military has been comprised of men and women willing to put it all on the line in the defense of our American ideals. They put it all on the line in the defense of the one thing that keeps us from becoming a 3rd world banana republic, the Constitution of the United States.

We have just watched as the Presidency of Donald Trump has come to a close. A presidency filled with excitement, turmoil, and the like — nonetheless one thing remained consistent, President Trump’s unwavering support for our police and military!

Military Moved into Secure Inauguration

As I previously stated, former President Donald Trump showed unwavering support for our military and in return, they showed their admiration for him.

The nation began to prepare for the Joe Biden administration to move into the White House and we watched as tens of thousands of national guard troops descended upon Washington DC. This was met with much skepticism as our nation’s capital soon looked like something you would see in third world dictatorships like North Korea.

Thankfully the inauguration went off without any violence or chaos. Upon the conclusion of the inauguration, the question soon became what happens to the thousands of military and law enforcement individuals who were there to secure the inauguration.

National Guard Treated Like Dogs

We were quickly able to see the rapid breakdown of organization within the ranks of the national guard those in charge of the troops in DC. Before long our men and women who serve this country were relegated to sleeping on the cold floors of parking garages throughout the city.

When this news broke that our military who were in DC to secure the inauguration democrats pretended to be outraged. Jill Biden visited the troops and brought them cookies and other politicians pretended to care about this atrocity. Worst of all we have yet to hear any remarks from the new commander in chief Joe Biden. While many tried to deride our President Donald Trump saying he didn’t care about those who serve, I can assure you they weren’t sleeping on the floors of parking garages under his watch.

We are not even a week into the Biden presidency and already he has wreaked havoc on the military, we have watched as a tragic bombing occurred in Iraq killing 32 people, and thousands of jobs have been lost as a result of Biden’s executive order to shut down work on the Keystone XL pipeline. We all want the new President to succeed as his success would benefit the country and its citizens. Given what has transpired not even a week into the Biden presidency things aren’t looking all that good.

Do not fret though as there are 75+ million of us who understand what is going on and are willing to expose the fraud and corruption running rampant through this administration.

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