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Citizenship is DEAD!!

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What is citizenship? Some would say it’s just a simple card that shows you currently reside in a specific country. Many fail to realize that with genuine citizenship you are afforded very specific rights only available to citizens of that nation.

While that is the case in most countries around the world, the left is currently waging a war on the American citizen. They are incessantly striving to destroy citizenship in the United States of America!

Don’t believe me? Look no further than the socialist cesspool that is New Jersey. Rather than clamp down on individuals residing in NJ illegally, the leftist politicians there are handing them drivers’ licenses.

Being a resident of NJ, I fully understand the stringent process legal residents are required to undergo to receive a drivers’ license. This process includes what they refer to as “6 points of identification” to prove your identity. These points of identification include proof of date of birth, proof of residency, and proof of ITIN aka an individual tax number.

Ironically, if you reside in this country illegally you do not have an individual tax number nor do you have a social security number. To circumvent this requirement, the geniuses in NJ have devised a system where they will issue an affidavit of some kind in lieu of a social security number to an individual tax number.

While the affidavit process has yet to be ironed out, the process by which illegals can obtain drivers’ licenses began May 1st.

You may ask yourself, what’s the big deal if they receive a drivers’ license? As I explained before citizenship comes with certain privileges such as being able to vote in our elections, access to government services, the ability to run for elected office just to name a few.

To prove you are a citizen of the United States one is oftentimes asked to produce their drivers’ license. By handing illegals drivers’ licenses the left is slowly moving forward in their methodical process of blurring the line between the citizen and the non-citizen.

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