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Former BLM Co-Founder Openly Admits Movement is Led By ‘Trained Marxists’

Anyone who dares to call out the blm movement for what it is — a militarized marxist group is met with disdain from many on the left.

Even some centrists and right leaning individuals even buy into the idea that blm means well. Some are brainwashed enough to think blm has anything to do with black lives mattering!

That all couldn’t be further from the truth!

As we see below blm co-founder and multi-million dollar real-estate investor explains the real mindset of the blm movement!

It’s time to wake up and understand what it really going on.

BLM is nothing more than a front group to push for socialist style policies. This is done so under the guise of using racism to call anyone out who disagrees with them.

We have to stop being afraid of being called racists for calling out these frauds.

It’s time we hold our politicians accountable when they cower into fear to militarized groups like blm and antifa. Groups supported by democrats as they pillage and burn down cities across the country!!

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