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Rep. Crenshaw Battles Military ‘Wokeness’ with ‘Whistleblower’ Page

The left loves whistleblowers. That is of course only when the whistleblowers are allegedly blowing the whistle on President Trump.

Democrats obsessed over the supposed whistleblower who came forward regarding President Trump’s phone call with the newly elected Ukrainian president.

Ironically enough Democrats aren’t as pleased with Rep. Crenshaw and his newly published whistleblower page.

This page is designed to give those in the military the ability to expose the ‘woke’ ideology that is plaguing our armed forces.


Newsweek reports:

Representative Dan Crenshaw has launched a webpage for whistleblowers to report instances of what he called “woke ideology” in the U.S. military with the protection of anonymity.

Crenshaw, a Republican who represents Texas’ 2nd congressional district, has set up the facility along with Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) and announced the move on Twitter on Friday.

“Enough is enough. We won’t let our military fall to woke ideology. We have just launched a whistleblower webpage where you can submit your story,” Crenshaw wrote.

“Your complaint will be legally protected, and go to my office and @SenTomCotton,” he said, sharing a link to the form on his website.

“With written permission, we will anonymously publish egregious complaints on social media and tell the country what’s happening in our military,” Crenshaw went on.

“For too long, progressive Pentagon staffers have been calling the shots for our warfighters, and spineless military commanders have let it happen. Now we are going to expose you.”

It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what kind of information Crenshaw is seeking and the webpage itself doesn’t mention “woke ideology.” Instead, it appears to be a general resource for people to report concerns and problems.

Since the Biden administration managed to get into the White House we have been watching as our military has been ravaged by the ‘woke’ ideology.

Below is a video that was recently published showing the recruitment video of the US military alongside those of China and Russia.

You be the one to decide which military you would feel comfortable having protect your country. Hint, I can assure you it likely won’t be the US military going by their latest recruitment video.

Luckily we have representatives like Dan Crenshaw who are willing to take the fight directly to the democrats.

To combat the plague that is the ‘woke’ ideology Rep. Crenshaw has put together a whistleblower page specifically for military members. This page is designed to blow the lid on those pushing this mentality on our men and women who serve.




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