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Politicians Shame People for Not Receiving the COVID Vaccine While ‘Woke’ Companies Bribe Them

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @Robertopedia

In case you haven’t already realized it, those who are vaccinated stop and nothing to make sure the entire world knows they are vaccinated.

If that’s not enough, we now have celebrities shaming those who choose not to receive the EXPERIMENTAL CCP (Chinese communist party) virus vaccine.

Many establishments from restaurants to airline companies are providing giveaways for getting shot up with this unproven vaccine. Furthermore, one has to ask themself, if this vaccine is so effective why would it be necessary to bribe people into receiving it.

The hipsters at Romper were sure to list all of the ‘perks’ being given away to those who succumb to getting the vaccine:

United Airlines

Getting vaccinated could win members of United Airlines’ loyalty program a free round-trip flight for two. Throughout the month of June, the airline will give away 30 pairs of tickets good for anywhere United flies. The airline will then give away five grand prizes of one year of free travel for two on July 1. To qualify, travelers must be loyalty program members and upload their vaccination records to United’s mobile app or website before June 22.

Shake Shack

If you’re located in NYC, starting on May 13 you can get a free ShackBurger voucher if you get vaccinated at one of the NYC mobile vaccine buses. If you’ve already been vaccinated, you can get a free order of crinkle cut fries with a purchase of any burger or chicken sandwich. Simply show your physical vaccine card or digital proof through the “Excelsior Pass.” You can find a full list of the participating Shake Shacks in NYC here.

Krispy Kreme

For the rest of the year, Krispy Kreme is giving away one free glazed doughnut to individuals who are vaccinated. To qualify, you must have one or two shots of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. To get a doughnut, you must show your vaccination card. The promotion started on March 22 and the offer is available every single day!

Staples & Office Depot

Once you’re fully vaccinated, you can get your vaccine cards laminated for free at Staples and Office Depot. From now until May 1, Staples is offering free lamination for vaccine cards, while Office Depot’s promotion ends on July 25.


The first round is on Budweiser if you prove you have been vaccinated. Just go to the website and uploads proof of your vaccination such as a selfie with a vaccination sticker. Once you create a free account, you’ll receive a $5 virtual debit card. The offer ends on May 16, or until funds run out. Of course, you must be 21 and up.

That isn’t even the complete list of ‘woke’ companies who are jumping on the bandwagon to bribe people into getting the COVID vaccine.

In addition to the ‘woke’ companies pushing the CCP virus vaccine, we now have Trudeau shaming those who are holding off on getting the jab in the arm.

The Blaze reports:

Far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could barely contain his excitement as he described the “amazing feeling” of receiving his COVID-19 vaccine shot during an interview with ET Canada earlier this week.

“You know, it’s amazing, because we were talking about how important it was for everyone to get vaccinated and what a big deal it was to get vaccinated, so I thought that was all built in already,” Trudeau told host Sangita Patel before becoming particularly animated and excited. “But getting that shot really was an amazing feeling! It it it, it hits you!”

Patel asked Trudeau if getting the shot made him cry — which, as we’ve seen, is not out of the ordinary for those who’ve announced to the world that they’ve gotten their jabs.

But while the prime minister confessed, “I cry at movies,” he said he didn’t shed any tears while getting vaccinated.

Trudeau then continued his sermon, telling others they should “convince” friends who are “skeptical” to get vaccinated — even “that crusty old uncle who resists.”

The prime minister, of course, had his share of fans who loved his enthusiastic description of getting his vaccination, but others were decidedly turned off:

  • “The never-ending push to get everyone to take it,” one commenter said. “If the threat was real and the ‘cure’ so effective and risk free they wouldn’t have to convince anyone — all feels very sinister to me.”
  • “So use social pressure and bullying to get the vaccine [hesitant] to overlook the facts that this is an untested vaccine with no long-term studies on its effects?” one user observed. “This will turn into a witch hunt for the unvaccinated mark my words.”
  • “A. You’re not young. You’re 49 yrs old. B. You’re a liar, I think. Those getting the #vaccine won’t be rewarded with a return to normal,” another commenter said. “You’ve damaged our economy beyond easy/quick repair & #vaccination is already causing life-destroying side-effects in many.”
  • “And this folks is what you voted for!” another user declared. “A complete idiot! Either on drugs of booze. What an embarrassment.”

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