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Fauci Email Shows Disgusting March Madness Style Virus Bracket

Amidst the thousands of recently released emails from Dr. Fauci, one includes a disgusting March madness style virus bracket. 

What makes things worse is, in Fauci’s tournament bracket coronavirus comes out as the winner.

What would possess the supposed doctor in charge of spearheading the fight against the pandemic to even joke in this manner. 

The left was apoplectic over Trump rightfully referring to the COVID virus as the China virus. All the while we have yet to see any backlash over this horrific action by Fauci. 

The New York Post reports:

The Dr. Anthony Fauci email dump includes a puzzling image — a March Madness-style tournament bracket of fatal diseases, in which coronavirus emerges as champion.

The image is titled “Dr. Fauci’s March Madness Bracketology Picks.” It is dated March 11, 2020, and signed “—Tony F.”

In the morbid pool, coronavirus — top-seeded out of the East region — defeats a field that included such dreaded diseases as Ebola, H1N1, Zika, herpes, and measles.

Whether it was a weak attempt at gallows humor among Fauci and his friends, or a published cartoon being forwarded around, isn’t clear. But the image did generate shock on social media.

“Gross,” one user tweeted. “These people are sick,” tweeted another.

During “March Madness” — the trademarked nickname for the NCAA’s annual basketball championship tournament — bar patrons and office workers commonly engage in such low-stakes “bracket” pools.

The image was included in 3,200+ pages of emails published by Buzzfeed News. The website obtained the messages through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Are you incensed by this disgusting joke coming from the doctor that the nation entrusted to handle the COVID pandemic? In fact, it wasn’t just the nation, the entire world looked to Fauci for advice to combat the pandemic. All the while it was some kind of twisted joke to him.

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