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Fauci Warned Health Leaders in Europe During Spring of 2020 — COVID ‘Strain Looked Unusual’

Spring of 2020 — the height of the COVID pandemic and Fauci warned health leaders in Europe that the COVID strain that was wreaking havoc across the globe ‘looked unusual’.

This breaking information was concealed in the newly released emails from Dr. Fauci. The treasure trove of emails was released last week and has since shed new light on the entire COVID pandemic.

It has also brought to light some disturbing revelations. The most shocking being that Fauci allegedly knew all along there was a very high likelihood that the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gotlieb shed a little more light on what really took place in the spring of 2020.


According to a recent Face the Nation interview on CBS News:

JOHN DICKERSON: –initial determination. And then there’s kind of a side political fight that’s going on about Dr. Fauci. And the claim appears to be that- that he was not forthcoming about the idea that it might have been from a lab leak in his discussions within the administration and in the other work he was doing. And some people have looked at these emails and said that- that it suggests that.



DR. GOTTLIEB: Yeah, I was told at that time back in the spring that Dr. Fauci had gone over to a meeting of world health leaders in Europe around the World Health Assembly, and actually brief them on the information that they were looking at, that this could have been a potential lab leak, that this strain looked unusual. So those discussions were going on. And I was told that by a very senior official in the Trump administration. I’ve reconfirmed that conversation. That happened, you know, at the time contemporaneously with- with that meeting over a year ago. So I think early on when they looked at the strain, they had suspicions. And in a closer analysis- and it takes time to do that analysis, dispelled some of those suspicions. But I think the broader issue here for me is that we look at these things through the lens of science and we don’t necessarily look at it through the lens of national security and a scientific mindset looks at the virus and the virus’s behavior and its sequence and draws a conclusion. A national security assessment looks at that as one piece of evidence, but then looks at the behavior of the Chinese government, looks at the behavior of the lab, looks at other evidence around the lab, including the infections that we now know took place, and that changes the overall assessment. So the virologists who are now still focused on saying, we don’t think this was a lab source, they’re still I think looking at this through the lens of what does the sequence look like, what does the virus look like? That is just one piece of evidence. And I think this is partly why these kinds of assessments need to be in the hands of the national security apparatus, not just the scientific community.

We were told the entire time to ‘trust the science’ when in reality it looks like science led us down the completely wrong path.

Furthermore, the left politicized the virus calling anyone who dared to question the origin of the virus a ‘conspiracy theorist’. When in reality those conspiracy theorists are being vindicated today.

The NY Post also reported:

However, Fauci soon “dispelled some of those suspicions” in the theory that has recently escalated among global leaders, with President Biden ordering a high-level investigation to be completed in 90 days.

Scientists now say the coronavirus has “damning” sequencing that suggests it had human input. But even if Fauci thought the contagion looked natural, he should never have dismissed the lab-leak theory so readily, Gottlieb said.


We are finding out that Dr. Fauci knew far more than he divulged to the general public. This could have put lives needlessly at risk.

What do you think should be the punishment for his grave negligence to the American people?

Let us know in the comments below.

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