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Will the Biden Admin Hang Pride Flag Outside Embassies in Middle East?

Will the Biden admin hang the pride flag outside embassies in the Middle East? This is the conundrum of many on the left. Which social justice campaign trumps the other?

Is it more important to the left to support countries in the Middle East that hang people for being gay simply to avoid being referred to as ‘islamophobic’?

Or do the rights of those in the LGBTQ community mean more to those on the left? 


Should the pride flag be flying outside of our embassies around the world? No. There is one flag that should be flying outside of our embassies and that is the American flag. 

Nonetheless, the Biden administration is pushing for the rainbow pride flag to be flown outside of our embassies across the globe. 

The ironic part here is that we are being told this is a brave move.

Despite that ‘bravery’, we have yet to see the Biden Administration call out the countries where LGBTQ individuals are still persecuted and even murdered for being gay. 

It turns out that the Trump administration actually took the real initiative to condemn countries that persecute members of the LGBTQ community. 

WashingtonBlade reports:

Homosexuality remains criminalized in nearly 70 countries around the world.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are among the handful of countries that impose the death penalty upon anyone found guilty of engaging in consensual same-sex sexual relations. Bhutan and Gabon are among the nations that have decriminalized homosexuality in recent years.

The Trump administration in 2019 tapped then-U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to lead a decriminalization initiative. Price declined to tell the Blade whether he feels the campaign was effective.

“Across the board I generally have a posture of not characterizing the last administration,” said Price. “I’ll leave them to speak to their record.”

Clearly, the Biden administration doesn’t have the guts to call out countries that persecute members of the LGBTQ community. 

Selectively hanging the pride flag outside embassies around the world does nothing to show real support for the LGBTQ community.

Not hanging the pride flag outside of American embassies isn’t done to admonish any group. The general consensus among many Americans is that the American flag should hold precedence over any other flag outside of our embassies around the world. 

Yahoo News reports:

Several Republican members of the US House of Representatives marked the start of Pride Month this week by joining an effort to ban the flying of rainbow-coloured flags at US embassies.

A news release from the office of Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina indicated that three additional Republican members had joined the bill as co-sponsors this week, bringing the total number of official supporters in the House to twenty members of the 211-member strong GOP caucus.

The bill was first unveiled in February by Mr Duncan and its original co-sponsors including the fiery gadfly Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for her past support of the “#QAnon” conspiracy theories as well as her other far-right views.

The announcement on Tuesday from Mr Duncan’s office coincided with the beginning of Pride Month in the US, during which supporters of LGBT+ rights celebrate members of the community.


Should the American flag be the only flag that flies outside of our embassies around the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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