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Predatory Drag Queens Have Infiltrated Nickelodeon’s ‘Blues Clues & You’

On ‘Blues Clues & You’ there are predatory drag queens being broadcast right into your living room. Not only are they being broadcast into this space, but they are also being forced upon our children.

And, worst of all if you dare to question any of this you will automatically be labeled a ‘homophobe’, a ‘bigot’, and whatever other names the left can throw at you.

Nothing is sacred anymore. You don’t know how to raise your own children. The state knows what is best for your kids and according to them, you will comply. If you don’t the minions will be set upon you and you will be shamed from society.

Gone are the Christian values that one may decide to teach their little ones. Young children who view this program will inevitably be confused by what they are seeing. It is then up to the parents to have conversations with 3, 4, or 5-year-olds about things they know nothing about nor are they capable of understanding.

Couple this with the left and their obsession with transgenderism and hormone therapy for children and it’s easy to see why so many kids grow up confused, unstable, and worse.

The Christian Post reports:

Child advocates are speaking out against what they say is a “predatory” and disturbing new video released by the Nickelodeon kid’s program “Blue’s Clues & You!” that takes place at a Pride parade and includes many forms of sexuality and gender expression.

The parade is emceed by an animated version of drag performer Nina West, a beloved “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant from season 11. The video features a sing-along in which West’s animated character is shown singing to the melody of “The Ants Go Marching.” The lyrics were changed to fit the LGBTQ theme.

The video was released online days before LGBT Pride Month begins in June.

Full of waving rainbow and other striped flags and banners, the video features many LGBT themes, including families with two moms, two dads, trans-identified members, “ace, bi and pan” parents.

“Love is love is love you see, and everyone should love proudly,” West sings.

“Allies to the queer community can love their friends so proudly,” West adds.

The display also featured a group of beaver characters. One of the beavers wore a transgender pink-and-blue-striped armband and what online commenters say appears to be scars on its chest, presumably because of a cosmetic double mastectomy.

Critics of the video noted how flagrantly gender confusion and sexualized themes were targeted at young children.

“That Blue’s Clues has decided to add sexuality and gender material to its programming is both disappointing and disturbing,” said Maria Keffler, author of the book Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult and the co-founder of the recently-formed Partners for Ethical Care, in an email to The Christian Post Monday.

“Pre-adolescent children do not nor should not have explicit knowledge about or driving interest in sex or gender identity. Ethical professionals who work with children have long recognized that when young children are conversant about sexual behaviors, this is strongly suggestive of having been introduced to such material by adults who do not have the child’s best interests at heart.”

Keffler added that a “well-documented tactic that child sexual predators employ when grooming a child for sexual abuse is to introduce sexual topics and materials to the child who is being targeted.”

“Blue’s Clues’ introduction of sex and gender material indicates either a troubling lack of understanding about the basics of child psychological development or that the show’s writers and producers intend to groom children toward early and developmentally inappropriate encounters with sex and gender topics,” she alleged.

Keffler further argued that in an age of rampant gender confusion among teenagers, it is time to recognize how destructive gender ideology is and how it leads to experimental medicalization and surgeries.

“No child is born in the wrong body, and how dare anyone suggest that they could be,” Keffler contends. “Blue’s Clues, sadly, is no longer a trustworthy partner to parents.”

Conservative media commentator and host of the “Relatable” podcast, Allie Beth Stuckey, tweeted that she was not surprised by the “predatory” segment. She warned that “kids are always the unconsenting subjects of leftist social experiments, from population control to the redefinition of gender and sexuality to communism itself.”

“History shows this. It’s gross, but it’s true,” Stuckey stated.

A spokesperson for the U.S. chapter of Our Duty, an organization that aims to protect children from gender ideology, told CP Monday that children should learn about different sorts of families because they will encounter them at school. However, the organization finds “the portrayal of some united queer community under the rainbow and trans flags seems to imply that there is just one point of view.”

“For example, we reject the notion that a ‘baba’ can be non-binary,” the Our Duty spokesperson stressed. “Not conforming to stereotypes can be cool, but it does not stop a child from being the boy or girl that they are. If society is to help children be open-minded, they need to know that there are often different, equally valid, points of view.”

A California father who works with Our Duty and has a child who believes they are transgender told CP on condition of anonymity that he was horrified by the new video.

“The double mastectomy scars on the beaver are literally the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life,” the father said. “It’s normalizing this insanity — any girl questioning her sexuality at a young age will think of that beaver. They need to be called out, shamed, embarrassed, protested anything to shine a light on this.”

The left is officially blurring the lines between what is considered normal programming that would have been designed for children and programming that is brainwashing children to think that this behavior is normal.

It is up to the parents to step in and begin deciding what their children are watching. If parents don’t take control of their children the governments surely will and it is already happening before our very eyes.

And of course, this twisted Blues Clues episode was met with rave reviews by the mindless buffoons on Twitter.

The Blues Clues episode even managed to check off more than one of the liberal pandering boxes.

Do you agree with this Blues Clues episode that is doing nothing more than confusing our children?

Let me know in the comments below!

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