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BIG WIN — Teacher Who Refused to Refer to Students by Their Chosen Gender Identifies Reinstated Following Suspension


Judge orders teacher who refused to refer to students by their chosen gender identities to be reinstated after recently being suspended for such action.

According to the judge, the actions taken by the school district were ‘unnecessary’ and ‘vindictive’.

This is a huge win for free speech activists everywhere as we are watching as this judge is upholding the first amendment right to free speech.

The judge, in this case, reversed the decision of the school board because the teacher’s first amendment right to free speech was clearly violated. The teacher had recently spoken out in defense of his Christian beliefs and explained that by his faith he couldn’t refer to someone by any means other than their scientific biological gender.

The Blaze reports:

A Virginia judge has reinstated a Christian elementary school teacher who was suspended by his school district after voicing opposition to the district’s new transgender-affirming policies.

In a decision issued Tuesday, Judge James E. Plowman Jr. granted Tanner Cross a temporary injunction and ordered that he be immediately reinstated by Loudoun County Public Schools, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the legal firm representing the teacher.

In the ruling, Plowman called the district’s suspension of Cross “unnecessary and vindictive.”

Cross, a physical education teacher at Leesburg Elementary School, filed a lawsuit against the district last week after he was placed on administrative leave and barred from school property following a speech he gave at a school board meeting.

During the speech, Cross cited his Christian faith in declaring he refused to “lie” to his students and “defile” God by affirming that “a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa,” as would be required by a pair of new “gender-expansive” district rules.

The policies require all district staff to use a student’s preferred gender pronouns and permitted transgender students to participate in activities consistent with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex.

In a tweet following the court ruling, ADF called the news “massive victory for free speech.”

ADF founder and CEO Michael Farris added in a statement: “Nobody should be punished for expressing concern about a proposed government policy, especially when the government invites comment on that policy. For that reason, we are pleased at the court’s decision to halt Loudoun County Public Schools’ retaliation against Tanner Cross while his lawsuit continues. Educators are just like everybody else — they have ideas and opinions that they should be free to express.”

This goes farther than just referring to a student by their ‘preferred gender identities’, this actually raises concerns when it comes to the activities that the children are participating in.

This concern has sparked heated debates across the country as to whether or not boys should be allowed to participate in girl’s sports according to their gender identities.

The confusion this has generated has resulted in biological boys winning competitions that were meant for biological females. As a result, many young women have lost sports competitions and even worse possibly lost scholarships.

Luckily we do have one governor in the country who is willing to take this issue head-on. Republican governor Ron Desantis of Florida has since signed a bill that would bar transgender girls from participating in girl’s sports.

Desantis has taken this to the next level and required that all children in Florida participate in the sport by the gender that they have on their birth certificates.

The Hill weighs in on the issue:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill Tuesday blocking transgender girls from playing on female sports teams at public schools.

“In Florida, girls are going to play girls sports and boys are going to play boys sports,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said while signing the bill into law, according to The Associated Press (AP). “We’re going to make sure that that’s the reality.”


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