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Joe Biden’s Flash Cards to Remind Him How to Blame Trump for His Screw-Ups

Joe Biden needed flashcards full of DOJ talking points designed to remind him how to blame Trump for all of his screw-ups.

These talking-point flashcards were spotted on camera while Biden was participating in a speaking engagement at the G7 Summit.

As you can see the cards are outlined with specific points Biden’s handlers told him must be addressed.

Some of the talking points included:

  • Trump abused power / Trump DOJ out of control
  • Now we have to clean it up
  • I’ve made it clear the DOJ will reflect my values and principles and priorities — not Donald Trump’s

The Western Journal reported:

During President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe, it seems like the specter of former President Donald Trump has been a constant companion.

There was the emphasis on the Biden administration’s internationalist bona fides as opposed to Trump’s “America First” philosophy.

“America’s back in the business of leading the world alongside nations who share our most deeply held values,” Biden said during a news conference at the end of the G-7 conference in Cornwall, England, according to ABC News.

There was the extended rant at the NATO summit in Brussels about the GOP and how it had been “vastly diminished” and that it makes up a “significant minority of the American people.”

And now we know that, had a reporter asked him about the former administration’s Department of Justice, Biden would have been prepared — because he had note cards with bullet points for various questions, apparently.

In a widely shared video from Biden’s news conference Sunday in Cornwall, the cards appear to show points he would have used if he were asked about how the Trump DOJ secretly obtained the phone records of House Democrats during a leak investigation. The matter is being investigated by the DOJ inspector general.

The flash card — or what could be read of it — gave several canned points for Biden to use, because apparently he can’t remember his own problems with Donald Trump. Our president, ladies and gentlemen.

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