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Joe Biden Believes We Yield Our Rights to the Government

In one of the many stumbling bumbling speeches given by our alleged President Joe Biden at the G7 summit, he explained that we yield our rights to the government.

In a sad and pathetic attempt to sound like Ronald Reagan, Joe Biden fell flat on his face yet again. As we watch these seemingly endless debacles of this old man one has to wonder if this is all some sort of twisted joke.

Watching this video makes one yearn for the days of Trump and his ‘mean tweets’. At least those mean tweets we honest and forthright.

What we are watching with Biden is a sad attempt to be a puppet for the left. It is clear he is handed talking points for every single speaking engagement he takes part in. That was very apparent during another appearance Biden had at the G7 summit where he was caught with a flashcard. On this flashcard were talking points of why Trump is to blame for his screw-ups.

Nonetheless, it is becoming clearer by the day that Biden is simply not up to the task to be President of the United States. He can’t even puppet the socialist-communist talking points of the left without screwing that up.

Louder With Crowder’s Steven Crowder put it ever so eloquently:

Joe Biden met with Putin on Wednesday. If I were a betting man, I’d say it was two hours of the Russian president saying “amoronsayswhat” and Biden blaming the smell coming out of his underpants on Anthony Blinken. The most popular American president lashed out at the press afterward. Where we found out he gave Putin a list of sixteen things he’s not allowed to attack. Anything not on the list is apparently fair game. Then, of course, you have the president of the United States of America exposing to the world his ignorance of what it means to be American.

I think Joe Biden was trying to have a patriotic, Reagan-esque moment here. Joe Biden sucks at those.

Saying the word “period” usually means it’s a good place to stop talking. But, you know, it’s Joe Biden.

Here’s what I think happened. Because I’ve noticed Joe Biden trying to quote our Declaration of Independence a lot recently. Failing at it, but trying. He’s fond of pointing out how our rights are endowed to us by our Creator. It was only a matter of time before the people who run Biden told him he’s not allowed to say that any more. If too many Americans remember that their rights don’t come from the government, we might think we’re a free people. Which is bad for business if you’re a radical leftist using Biden to further your agenda.

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