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Trump Declares Mike Lindell & Rudy Giuliani Will Go Down in History

In a recent speech by President Trump, he declared that both Mike Lindell and Rudy Giuliani will soon go down in history.

You may ask how could this be?

Trump exclaimed:

“I want to thank people like Rudy Giuliani, who’s out there fighting and they’re after him and they want to take him down. They want to take us all down. There’s never been a time like this. There’s never been. It’s weaponized and the Republicans were very nice.

Our people were very, very nice and very, very respectful and I said this would happen. But Rudy is a great patriot. He was the greatest mayor in the history of New York and a great, great patriot. And what he’s done, and what Mike has done, and what so many other people have done, these are incredible heroes and they’re going to go down as heroes some day and I think it’s some day in the not to distant future.”

We all know just how much of a role both Rudy and Mike Lindell played in the Trump administration.

Each of these individuals greatly influenced much of Trump’s decision-making and clearly helped steer him in the right direction.

As we begin to see the results of the election audits across the country we may soon see efforts to possibly look to President Trump for guidance as to how we are to move forward.

It’s clear the current occupant of the White House is lucky if he knows what day it is or where he is. Furthermore, we are watching as crime is running rampant throughout many democrat cities.

This is occurring as police departments are being defunded and dismantled leaving citizens crying out for help.

We know who will hear their cries, President Trump. Hopefully, we will soon see the truth and the great awakening will occur as people see the democrats for the communists they are.

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