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Black Lives Matter Mob Sets Fire To South Carolina Police Station

A mob of black lives matter Marxist communist terrorist protesters set fire to South Carolina police station following the arrest of a black man who was a convicted crack dealer.

Yet again, we watch as the BLM mob comes out to protest before knowing all of the facts in the case. In this instance, the police were acting well within the bounds of the law in arresting the perpetrator. Then his brother came along disrupting the arrest causing more trouble.

As with many incidents like this, it quickly escalated and it was caught on camera.

Following the arrest, the angry black lives matter gang quickly mobilized and this time they attempted to burn down the local police station.

Luckily there was a long officer who was willing to stare down the mob and defend the station.

The Western Journal reports:

A lone police officer faced down a Black Lives Matter mob that had set fires outside a police station in Rock Hill, South Carolina, to protest the arrest of a black man who is a convicted crack dealer.

The officer was seen walking toward the angry mob to clear the street so firetrucks could drive through to extinguish the blaze raging on the lawn of the local police station, according to videos posted to Twitter on Wednesday by reporter Hunter Saenz of WCNC-TV.

The crowd stood around as the fires raged, and one of the protesters waved a large Black Lives Matter flag.

When the officer arrived and walked toward the group, many in the crowd shouted at him. According to Saenz, one of the “protesters” threw a rock at the cop, who remained calm even as the angry throng berated and surrounded him.

The riots reportedly erupted after a Facebook video of an arrest at a gas station went viral.

In the video, a man identified as Ricky Roderick Price — who has a criminal record that includes dealing crack — was seen being punched by an officer while he was resisting arrest.

Moments later, a second man — later identified as the suspect’s brother, Travis Price — also scuffled with cops after allegedly trying to take crack cocaine, marijuana and a gun from his brother’s car.

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