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DISGUSTING! Woman Watches As Boy Rips Up American Flag & Tosses It On the Ground

In a disgusting display of disrespect for the American flag and this country, a woman watches as a child rips up the American flag and throws it on the ground.

We often time wonder how children today grow up to become the social justice warriors burning down cities across the country. Well, one can surmise that this is how it starts.

There are many in this country so brainwashed they are teaching their children that America is a racist country. They do so despite the fact that people are currently risking their lives for a chance to embrace what America has to offer.

Couple that with the countless men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice everything to defend the ideals that make America so great.

It truly is disgusting to watch as this mother stands idly by as what appears to be her child disrespects our American flag in this manner.

The Blaze reported:

A video of a young boy ripping an American flag out of someone’s yard and then flinging it to the ground as his mother watches has ignited a firestorm of strong reactions on the internet.

Writer Marie Oakes shared the controversial video on Twitter with the caption: “Children are being raised to desecrate the flag.” The purported security camera footage shows a child riding on a scooter along with an adult female, likely to be his mother. While traveling down the sidewalk on his scooter, the boy attempts to rip up a small American flag standing in a yard. He misses on the first attempt to uproot the flag, but comes back to tear up the flag. He then throws the flag onto the ground.

“He and the woman then resume riding down the street,” Fox Newsreported. “It appears the woman gives no pushback on the boy for pulling the flag.”

The video was posted on Friday and already has more than 2 million views, plus thousands of reactions — including people who were outraged over the boy’s behavior, as well as how the mother allows the child to mishandle someone’s private property, especially an American flag.

Someone exclaimed, “This is sickening. What a horrible mother.”

A commenter added, “Breaks my cold little heart to see such a young child doing this…. what is going on in that home if the mother can egg it on.”

One person tweeted, “A nation will not survive when society teaches its children to hate it.”

One commenter wrote, “Honest question: How can a country succeed if their citizens are being raised to hate it?”

A Twitter user said, “My heart broke watching this. Lord help us all.”

One person wrote, “Train up your child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it -Proverbs 22:6.”

However, there seemed to be as many comments praising the mother and son for their actions toward the American flag.

Someone said, “The kid rocks.”

A commenter added, “fantastic parenting.”

A man stated, “best mom i’ve ever seen.”

Someone wrote, “The proper way to raise your child.”

A Twitter user praised, “Way to go, Mom. Exemplary parenting skills.”

Another person said, “That kid is going places. You love to see it.”

One person replied, “I love how his mom just let him do what he had to do.”

One woman proclaimed, “if my kid doesn’t desecrate at least 5 flags by the time they are 10 i will disown them.”


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