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Arizona Election Audit Team Leaves Hearing to Raucous Applause

The Arizona election audit team left the hearing to raucous applause after bringing their report to the Arizona senate. It’s becoming clear the 2020 election was riddled with fraud and in effect stolen from Trump!

Those participating in the audit process in Arizona have come under harsh scrutiny. Some have even received threats from socialists and leftists alike.

The Gateway Pundit commented:

The Arizona Audit Team was escorted from the Senate Audit Hearing on Thursday following their testimony.

The team has received several threats from disgruntled leftists since the start of the historic audit process.

Here’s to hoping the results of this audit will not only be accepted but released to the general public. From there it is likely that many other states across the country will take up similar election processes.

Do you agree with the audits taking place across the country?

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