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Chaos At Nationals Park As Gunshots Ring Out Near Ballpark

In a city that has some of the most strict gun control laws in the entire country, there was chaos outside the Washington Nationals baseball stadium as gunshots rang out near the ballpark.

This is taking place less than a week after the MLB All-Star Game in Denver where a stash of guns and body armor was found not far from the ballpark.

One simply has to ask, how is this possible when we have been told time and time again that gun control laws stop this type of violence.

Fox News reported:

An MLB game between the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres erupted into chaos Saturday night after gunshots rang out near Nationals Park in Washington, causing players and fans to flee for safety.

Videos of the incident quickly spread on social media with the Nationals’ Twitter account confirming gunshots outside the stadium. Players and fans could be seen running for cover.

“Something crazy going on at Nationals Park,” Boston Globe sportswriter Ben Volin tweeted. “Players just sprinted off the field and fans running from the stands.”

Four people outside the stadium were struck by gunfire, though none of the wounds appeared to be life-threatening, a D.C. Metropolitan Police Department source told Fox News.

Two of the victims were found wounded outside the stadium while two others sought treatment at a nearby hospital, FOX 5 of Washington reported.

The area near the stadium has seen a spike in gun violence recently, the police source said. Recent incidents have included an Uber driver being carjacked and killed by teenage suspects.

The gunfire came just one night after a 6-year-old girl was killed by gunfire in the nation’s capital, with five adults wounded in the same incident.

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