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Massive Marches Against New COVID Lockdowns in Australia — “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom”

Massive marches against new COVID lockdowns sweep across Australia as patriots chant “freedom, freedom, freedom”.

Take heed Americans as our politicians here are talking of new lockdowns if more people don’t give in to the experimental COVID jab.

To the left, it is about freedom here and we have too much of it. They need more control. They need to implement lockdowns as the 2022 midterm elections are coming soon. They realize people are waking up and understanding the 2020 election was stolen and the only way they can remain in power is to continue manipulating the people.

We need to take a close look at what is going on around the world right now as patriots and freedom fighters are standing up against the one-world tyrannical dictators.

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Australians have had enough.

Thousands of Australians marched through Australia’s two biggest cities in opposition to the COVID lockdowns on Saturday.

Channel News Asia reported:

Thousands marched through Australia’s two biggest cities in anti-lockdown protests on Saturday (Jul 24), sparking violent clashes with police in Sydney.

Dozens of protesters were arrested after an unauthorised march flouted public health orders in Sydney, while several confrontations with police broke out during the hours-long rally.

Officers were pelted with pot plants and bottles of water as opponents of Sydney’s month-long stay-at-home order took to the streets in numbers.

Thousands also crowded several streets in Melbourne after gathering outside the state parliament in the early afternoon.

Here are some videos:

Big protests in Sydney, Australia after the government put greater Sydney back into a weeks-long Wuhan-style lockdown of all non-essential activities following 1 COVID death and discussed deploying the military to hotspots to keep people from leaving.


Australia recently tightened lockdown measures and extended the stay-home orders beyond July 30th:

CNBC reported:

Australia’s New South Wales state on Friday reported its biggest daily rise in new Covid-19 cases this year, prompting state officials to tighten lockdown measures in Sydney in what they called a “national emergency.”

State Premier Gladys Berejiklian also flagged the likelihood that stay-home orders for the country’s biggest city would be extended beyond the current end date of July 30.

End the lockdowns!

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