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ABC Legal Analyst Claims 2nd Amendment Was ‘Designed to Protect Slavery’

The lunacy of the left knows no bounds and now ABC’s legal analyst Sunny Hostin is now making the claim that the 2nd amendment was ‘designed to protect slavery’.

Breitbart reported:

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin said Friday on ABC’s “The View” she believed that the Second Amendment “was designed to protect slavery” by empowering local militia groups to “put down slave revolts.”

Hostin said, “If you look at the history of the NRA for decades, the NRA has pushed legislation that not only supported a lot of gun ownership and the proliferation of guns but stifled the study and spread of information right, about the causes of gun violence. And when we talk about the culture of guns in this country, I’m reading an incredible book called ‘The Second’ by professor Carol Anderson. And she describes that the constitutional — the Second Amendment really was the right to bear arms was designed to protect slavery, right, because they wanted — our Founding Fathers and others, they wanted to be able to empower a local militia group to basically put down slave revolts and protect plantation owners.”

She added, “Because of the origins of the Second Amendment many and because of the NRA, I think we’re seeing this proliferation of guns and gun ownership. But I will say that gun ownership is on the rise, of course, in this country, but the biggest gun ownership on the rise is among African-Americans. It’s up 58.2 percent. In large part, when they are questioned, they’re talking about white supremacy, they’re talking about the pandemic, and they’re talking about police violence. They want to be able to protect themselves. So this is not about a rise in crime in the streets. This is about people feeling unsafe, black Americans.”

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