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“Apocalyptic Scenes” – Wildfires Consume Turkey 

“Apocalyptic Scenes” – Wildfires Consume Turkey 

Wildfires have been ravaging Turkey’s Mediterranean coast for the past few days, killing four, burning thousands of building structures, and affecting more than a dozen provinces. 

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin called the wildfires a national disaster.

According to Reuters, at least 60 wildfires have broken out across the country’s Mediterranean and southern Aegean region. 

Forestry Minister Pakdemirli said 4,000 firefighters, 680 firefighting vehicles, 38 helicopters, nine drones, and three planes battle the wildfires. 

“We were hoping to contain some of the fires as of this morning but while we say cautiously that they are improving, we still cannot say they are under control,” Pakdemirli said.

DW correspondent Julia Hahn tweeted scenes from Manavgat in Antalya province showing “apocalyptic scenes” of one wildfire. 

Apocalyptic scenes from #Manavgat in Antalya province where forest fires have killed at least three people since yesterday, and send over 50 others to the hospital. Many neighborhoods, villages evacuated.
Authorities have reported more than 40 wildfires in 13 Turkish provinces.

— Julia Hahn (@juliahahntv) July 29, 2021

Social media is full of horrifying videos of the wildfires. 

Wildfire in Turkey. The planet is on fire #Turkey #UprootTheSystem

— Rise up Movement (@Riseupmovt) July 30, 2021

Extreme summer wildfires are burning forests and mountains in several cities, including #Antalya and #Adana in #Turkey.🇹🇷#PrayForTurkey #Turkeyisburning

— khudro manush (@KhudroM) July 30, 2021

🇹🇷⚡ Wildfires in southern turkey#Turkey

— The RAGEX (@theragex) July 29, 2021

⚠️SAD BREAKING NEWS, PLEASE SHARE AND JOIN US IN PRAYING FOR TURKEY!⚠️•Nearly 60 raging wildfires have broken out in Southern Turkey as temperatures have soared and strong winds stoked the flames the past 2 days, killing at least 4 people along with 1,000+farm animals..#Turkey

— AFTAB SHAIKH (@aftabshaikh9065) July 30, 2021

Senior scientist of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service Mark Parrington used satellite data to determine the “deadly scale” of the wildfires and shows which coastal areas are most affected. 

Another view of the wildfires from space. 

There’s still no word how the destructive fires began, but one government says “sabotage” cannot be ruled out. 

Fahrettin Altun, the Turkish presidential communications director, said “comprehensive investigations” are being launched into the origins of the wildfires. 

“Those responsible will have to account for the attacks against nature and forests,” Altun tweeted.

Turkey has been plagued with a heat wave like much of southeast Europe. 

In neighboring Greece, authorities warned the public against the heightened risk of wildfires during the latest heat wave. 

“A difficult weather phenomenon is coming in the next days with extremely high temperatures and several days of heat wave,” Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis said. “I call on – I urge – everyone to show the highest degree of responsibility and cooperation.”

This summer has been absolute chaos across the world, heat waves in the US and Europe, cold snaps in South America, and floods in Europe and China, give climate alarmist Greta Thunberg ammunition to tweet climate disaster propaganda of how the world is ending unless governments act now.

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