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Hotels In Popular Mexican Resort Towns Now Require Proof Of Vaccination  

Hotels In Popular Mexican Resort Towns Now Require Proof Of Vaccination  

Americans have been traveling to resort destinations this summer ever since they were cooped up in their homes last year during the virus pandemic. Many have flooded Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula resort towns in a move to take advantage of inexpensive flights and epic resort deals. 

But with the global number of new coronavirus cases surging due to the Delta variant spreading worldwide – hotel guests in the state of Quintana Roo, which is home to resort towns, such as Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and Tulum, are now required under Mexican law to show proof of COVID health status, according to Forbes

Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquín enforced the new measure last week that requires tourists to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test result before entering public places such as bars, restaurants, and hotels. 

Next week, the resort town of Mazatlán, located on the country’s west coast in the state of Sinaloa, will roll out similar policies that enforce proof of vaccination or negative test for tourists before entering public facilities. 

Vaccinated U.S. travelers have had more ease entering dozens of countries than unvaccinated travelers. This list includes most European countries and the Caribbean islands such as Anguilla, Bahamas, Barbados, St. Bart’s, and St. Lucia.

Health freedom has become a hot subject as new lockdowns, new mandates, and new “health passports” begin once more amid the Delta variant outbreak. 

For the unvaccinated, traveling abroad will include constant testing to stay compliant with local measures.

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