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Manhattan’s Hudson Yards Closes Iconic Building After Fourth Suicide, Developer Mulls Permanent Closure

Manhattan’s Hudson Yards Closes Iconic Building After Fourth Suicide, Developer Mulls Permanent Closure

The Vessel at Hudson Yards in Manhattan has been closed again after a 14-year-old boy jumped off the elaborate honeycomb-like structure that rises 16 stories Thursday afternoon. The teen’s death is the fourth suicide in 18 months since installation. The billionaire property developer behind the public sculpture is contemplating a permanent closure. 

The New York City Police Department confirmed a 14-year-old boy jumped off the 150-foot set of spiraling staircases Thursday afternoon, just before 1300 local time, according to NBC News

The public sculpture reopened in May after new rules and a ticket fee. It was closed in January after the third suicide was seen in less than one year. All of the victims are ages between 14 and 24. 

Stephen Ross, the property developer who constructed the Hudson Yards complex, told NBC News, “It’s hard to really fathom how something like that could happen.”

“But I feel terrible for the family,” Ross said. “I want to explore every feasible possibility we can, but for now the Vessel is closed.”

He told The Daily Beast he was discussing permanently closing the Vessel.

Hudson Yards spokeswoman Kimberly Winston said, “we’re heartbroken by this tragedy and our thoughts are with the family of the young person who lost their life. We are conducting a full investigation. The Vessel is currently closed.” 

The Vessel opened to the public in 2019, offering anyone who wants to climb 154 flights of stairs magnificent views of the western part of Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Although Vessel had been initially slated to cost $75 million, projections were later revised to $150 to $200 million. 

The only way to prevent suicides is to extend the height of the railings, but that may block views. 

So what will Ross do with his massive $200 million public art sculpture? 

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