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Australia is sending troops to help local police enforce the new Covid lockdown in Sydney.

Australia’s largest city went into a hard lockdown – again – last Saturday amid rising Covid cases.

Sydney ordered a shutdown of all construction sites and non-essential retail.

Nearly 1 million residents are banned from leaving their neighborhood for work because a man in his 80s died from/with Covid.

Anti-lockdown protests erupted in Sydney this week because Aussies are sick of the restrictions.

So now Australia is using the military to enforce their lockdown, Reuters reported.

Beginning Monday, 300 troops will patrol Sydney and knock on doors to make sure people are following orders to stay at home.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said 80% vaccination rate is needed before reopening Australia’s largest city – Only 14% of people in Australia are fully vaccinated.

“If you get vaccinated, there will be special rules that apply to you. Why? Because if you’re vaccinated, you present less of a public health risk. You are less likely to get the virus. You are less likely to transmit it,” the prime minister told reporters, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

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