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If the USA Women’s Soccer Team Got Off Their Knees Maybe They Wouldn’t Be Playing for the Bronze

If the social justice warrior USA women’s soccer team wasn’t so concerned with kneeling maybe they wouldn’t be playing for the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

It’s become abundantly clear that these Olympics don’t mean much to many of our USA athletes. While we are still among the top countries in the medal count it is safe to say that the energy that typically surrounds the Olympics just isn’t there.

Bloomberg reported:

Since the opening ceremony of the Olympics last week, NBC has been busy negotiating with anxious advertisers, offering ways to make up for the games’ steep drop in viewers, people familiar with the matter say.

Haggling over “make-goods” isn’t unusual in TV. But the discussions show that NBC’s ambitious Olympics effort from Tokyo is drawing a smaller audience than the broadcaster or advertisers expected. With the coverage nearing its halfway point, average nightly viewership through Tuesday was down 42% from the 2016 Summer Games across all of NBC’s outlets.

A decline through the second week threatens to eat into the revenue that NBCUniversal counts on to cover expenses and turn a profit from the games. The company, part of Comcast Corp., sold more than $1.25 billion in commercials for this year’s Olympics, a record. It’s paying about $1.1 billion for the broadcast rights.

“It’s disappointing to see how far the viewership is off from five years ago but it’s not entirely surprising,” said Dave Campanelli, chief investment officer at the ad buying company Horizon Media.

The decline from the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro partly reflects the long-running drop in traditional TV audiences, which have been lured away by streaming. And while sports ratings have bounced back this year from 2020, many events are down from pre-pandemic levels.

The Gateway Pundit chronicled the USA’s pathetic loss to Canada:

No gold for the kneelers–
The US Women’s soccer team was knocked out of the Olympics today by Canada in a 1-0 defeat.

More… The kneelers will now play for the bronze.

Do you agree that it’s time our athletes focus more on their sport than their social justice campaigns?

Please let me know in the comments below!

One response to If the USA Women’s Soccer Team Got Off Their Knees Maybe They Wouldn’t Be Playing for the Bronze

  1. Don Schley August 4th, 2021 at 12:39 am

    First, the US Olympic committee needs to be completely disbanded. Then all “woke” athletes need to be canned. Then their woke coaches, like that disgrace of a US Women’s Soccer coach, need to be fired. And then the US Olympics need to be reconstituted on a patriotic basis. Megan Rapinoe and her teammates and their coach should be forever banned from participation. And all national funding should be withheld from any SJW athlete disgracing the nation and the uniform, and all athletes be compelled to sign a contract saying that if they even once disgrace the nation that sponsors them, all training, travel and other support funds are to be repaid at 6% interest within 2 years.


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