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Polish Influencer Sells Her “Digital Love” As An NFT For $250,000

Polish Influencer Sells Her “Digital Love” As An NFT For $250,000

In what is likely going to be cited as Central Banks’ most recent proof that there’s nary a sign of a bubble to be seen anywhere, a Polish influencer just sold her “digital love” as an NFT for $250,000.

26 year old Marta Rentel sold the non-fungible token on July 13 and, as a result, committed to going on one date with the anonymous buyer – who we’re guessing is going to be extremely bummed when he (or she) finds out that the quarter of a million dollar purchase likely isn’t going to buy them any sack time with Rentel.

Rentel has 654,000 followers on Instagram, the NY Post noted, and insists that her online identity of Marti Renti, is different from that of her real-life person. “Nothing on the internet is physical, it’s a part of my online persona,” she commented, likely trying to piece together a fancy sounding pseudo explanation for “fairly” selling thin air to an anime-watching computer nerd who “uses” her photos for 250 grand.

Renti’s website says: “My name is Marti Renti. It’s not my ‘real’ name though, it’s the digital version of it, coming from the parallel world where the internet is my stage.”

The “love” sale represents the first of many coming intangible assets she plans on selling. And hey, if there’s a bid there, far be it for us to tell her not to sell everything she can into it. She’ll also be selling “original image files and videos,” the Post wrote. 

“Digital love is transactional, but so is marrying a man just because he is wealthy and stable, right?” she told Insider last week.

And one bubble transaction begets another: Renti says she was “inspired” by the NFT sale of an invisible sculpture by Italian artist Salvatore Garau for $18,300 back in May. 

“If I manage to successfully mint my Digital Love and find my second half, then why shouldn’t other feelings and emotions just follow?” she wrote on her website. Renti said she was seeking “anyone who’s crazy enough to travel with me to this infinite galaxy of digital emotions.”

And someone with a fat wallet.

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