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The American Medical Association is pushing for sex to be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates.

The organization is arguing that “Requiring it can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with their designation at birth, namely when they register for school or sports, adopt, get married, or request personal records,” according to WebMD.

Sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates, the American Medical Association (AMA) said Monday.

— WebMD (@WebMD) July 31, 2021

The AMA still supports sex being recorded — but for medical, public health, and statistical use only.

“Assigning sex using binary variables in the public portion of the birth certificate fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity,” Willie Underwood III, MD, author of Board Report 15 said, claiming that a person’s sex can be used to discriminate against them.

This past weekend our @The_BMC @BmcTrans team provided virtual testimony at @AmerMedicalAssn mtg to remove sex markers from birth certificates, removing a bureaucratic hurdle for our #transgender community.

— Center for Transgender Medicine & Surgery at BMC (@BmcTrans) June 14, 2021

This is something that the American Medical Association has been moving towards for quite some time.

In 2013, the organization passed a resolution stating “That our American Medical Association support policies that allow for a change of sex designation on birth certificates for transgender individuals based upon verification by a physician that the individual has undergone transition according to applicable medical standards of care.”

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