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BREAKING! DeBlasio Implements Mandatory Vaccinations

The communist mayor of NYC DeBlasio has officially started the ball rolling on mandatory vaccinations for all employees and customers of indoor dining establishments, fitness facilities, and entertainment facilities.

Forbes reported:

New York City will begin requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to see a show, dine indoors, work out at a gym or do a host of other activities, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday morning, becoming the first American city to expand vaccination requirements beyond city employees.


  • Vaccinations will be required starting August 16, the mayor said, but will not be enforced until September 13.
  • Two-thirds of New Yorkers have been vaccinated, but tourism brings large numbers of visitors from areas with potentially lower vaccination rates.

A line is being drawn in the sand at this point and the communists are showing their true colors right now.

They are determined to divide this country and vaccines are how they intend to do so. The left is stirring the pot and trying to cause a rift between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

They want anger between the two groups hence the relentless coverage in the mainstream media claiming the unvaccinated are to blame for the recent surge in alleged delta cases.

The alleged surge in delta cases despite the fact that there is no actual test to determine who has the delta variant and who doesn’t.


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