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Former NSA Head Under Bush — “Good Idea” to Send Unvaxx’d Trump Supporters to Afghanistan

Former NSA Head Under Bush — “Good Idea” to Send Unvaxx’d Trump Supporters to Afghanistan

The depravity of the left knows no bounds! The “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” line has been drawn and the those buying into this are pulling out all of the stops to push the EXPERIMENTAL vaccine on the masses.

We have seen no actual scientific proof to back whether or not the vaccines are in fact effective. We are just told that we need to line up, follow what the government says, and get the “jab”.

The rhetoric surrounding this vaccine and those who choose not to take it is hitting a fever pitch as the former head of the NSA and CIA under Bush is making the claim that the “unvaccinated” Trump supporters should be sent to die in Afghanistan.

Not only is this abhorrent, but he is also making the claim that all unvaccinated are Trump supporters.

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Former head of the NSA and the CIA during the George W. Bush presidency, General Michael Hayden, declared that he thinks it would be a “good idea” to send unvaccinated supporters of President Trump to die in Afghanistan.

Hayden, who infamously declared that the Fourth Amendment “changed” on September 11, 2001, and went on to oversee mass surveillance of Americans at the NSA while the invasion of Afghanistan was implemented, made the comments on Twitter.

Hayden also retweeted a picture labelling Trump ‘MAGA’ supporters as ‘Our Taliban’:

Hayden has previously compared Trump’s border policy to Nazi death camps:

Meanwhile, the current generals at the Pentagon admitted at the weekend via Press Secretary John Kirby that they are “not familiar” with US Embassy advice that American citizens should not travel to the Kabul airport at this time, despite it being widely reported in the media.

Kirby also admitted that the Pentagon doesn’t know how many Americans are trapped in the country.

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