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Former Disney Star Demi Lovato Tells Followers to ‘Be A Sl*t’ and ‘Make Porn’Cassandra Fairbanks

Pop star and former Disney actress Demi Lovato promoted sex work to her fans while urging them to “be a sl*t” and have sex with many different people.

Back in May, Lovato announced that her “preferred pronouns” are “they/them” and that her gender is “nonbinary.”

In an Instagram image posted to her stories on Monday, Lovato told her followers to “Be a slut. Show your body. Get naked. Have all the safe, different, consensual sex you want. Be Kinky. Masturbate. Make/watch porn. Make money.”

It concluded, “Just a reminder that being sexual is okay.”

The image was originally posted by podcast host Vas Morgan.

“SEX IS AMAZING! If you watch porn or subscribe to an X-rated onlyfans account. You are directly benefiting from the sex workers industry,” Morgan captioned his post. “Stop judging people for getting paid for something you’re so freely offering out yourselves.”

“Whether you love sex or hate it. What other people do with their lives or bodies is NOT your business,” he added. “Sex work is work. Sending love.”

The Daily Wire notes that Lovato has previously said that she’s ashamed to be white and declared gender reveal parties “transphobic.”

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