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Violent Criminals with Harsher Sentences Less Likely Rearrested, Study Shows

Violent criminals in the United States were less likely to be rearrested if they spent more time in prison before release, a large, long-term study has shown. Nearly 77 percent of people imprisoned for a violent crime were arrested again within 10 years of release. The rate was lower, though, for those who served harsher sentences than for those who served lighter ones, according to the study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BLS). Of those who spent less than the median time in prison prior to release, 78.3 percent got rearrested. For those who served more than the median time, 66.4 percent were rearrested. Among those with the harshest sentences of more than 80 months, 57.5 percent were rearrested, according to the recently released report on the study (pdf). The study followed a sample of 76,000 state prisoners selected from more than 400,000 released in 24 states in …

Originally appeared on The Epoch Times

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