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NASA’s Mars Rover Collects First Planetary Samples for Return to Earth

NASA’s Mars science rover Perseverance has collected and stashed away the first of numerous mineral samples that the U.S. space agency hopes to retrieve from the surface of the Red Planet for analysis on Earth, NASA said on Friday. Tools attached to Perseverance and operated by mission specialists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) near Los Angeles drilled a rock core slightly thicker than a pencil from an ancient Martian lake bed called the Jezero Crater, then hermetically sealed it in a titanium specimen tube inside the rover. The feat, accomplished on Sept. 6 and initially announced by NASA the same day, marked the first such mineral sample obtained from the surface of another planet, according to the space agency. “We get to see a lot of things that rewrite the history books and what occurred Sept. 6 at Jezero Crater is right up there with any of them,” Lori …

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