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Rules for Thee — Not for the No Mask Celebrities

Are you awake yet as the “mask mandates” clearly don’t apply to the maskless celebrities gathering at both the met gala and the Emmy awards?

But remember you better have that mask glued to your child’s face at all times when they are in school. You little people better all have those masks on when you are inside restaurants, inside stores, and when at work.

This is where we are now! The celebrities all pat each other on the back telling one another how great they are while you peasants better just do as your told. Oh, and don’t you dare question your overlords, after all they know what’s best for you and you need to just fall in line.

This is the growing sentiment among many as we watched celebrities and even a politician or two literally spat in our faces at their lavish gatherings flouting mask mandates.

If you think I was wrong about the “little people” having to wear masks. Just look at the tweet below showing what the celebrities likely refer to as “the help” all masked up at the met gala as they pathetically stare at AOC.

In addition to the lack of masking by the self-righteous celebrities, there was absolutely no social distancing at either of these events.


And judging by some of the remarks on Twitter there are like-minded people out there who can see the hypocrisy here. There are those who are fed up with being lectured to by these pathetic individuals that look to the rest of us as the filthy masses.

They see you and me and the rest of America as the uneducated, disgusting, peasants who don’t know what’s good for them. As a result, they must tell each and every one of us how we are to live our lives while sipping $1,000 champagne at their dinner parties.

If you’re not pissed off seeing this, you should be! The time has come to take it to these hypocritical, conceited, egotistical assholes who clearly think they are better than the rest of us.

And we do that by refusing to pay to watch their movies and anything else affiliated with them. We destroy them through their wallets!

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