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FREEDOM FLU CONTINUES — Hundreds More Southwest Flights Canceled

The FREEDOM FLU continues as hundreds more Southwest flights have been canceled today. It’s ironic how the media seems so puzzled over this sudden outbreak of freedom.

They have attributed the outbreak and subsequent flight cancellations to the weather despite the fact that a simple look at recent weather conditions shows no actual weather reason for a disruption of this magnitude.

Furthermore, the puzzled media seems to believe that the blame for the cancellations is a result of Southwest Airlines’ outdated crew-scheduling technology.

AP reports:

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 350 flights Monday following a weekend of major disruptions that it blamed on bad weather and air traffic control issues. The pilots union accused the company of a botched response to what it said would have been a minor challenge for other airlines.

The third straight day of canceled and delayed flights left passengers stranded and steaming from California to the East Coast.

“You can’t really relax when you’re just sitting there waiting for your next flight to be canceled,” said Vanessa Wheeler, who was biding her time at the San Jose, California, airport. She said Southwest canceled six consecutive flights on her over three days before she eventually decided to book a flight home to Las Vegas with Delta Air Lines. She vowed to never fly Southwest again.

Monday’s cancellations amounted to 10% of Southwest’s schedule, and at least 1,400 other flights, or roughly 40%, were delayed, according to the FlightAware tracking service. Shares of Southwest Airlines Co. fell 4.2%.

The widespread disruptions began shortly after the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, representing 9,000 pilots, asked a federal court on Friday to block the airline’s order that all employees get vaccinated. The union argued that Southwest must negotiate over the issue because it could involve sick leave or disability if pilots have a reaction to the vaccine.

“We are not anti-vaccination at all, but our pilots are extremely worried about how their medicals are going to be handled” if they are unable to fly, union president Casey Murray told The Associated Press. Murray said pilots had not staged a sickout because of the vaccine mandate.

He instead blamed the chaos of the past few days on Southwest’s operation, which he said has become “brittle” and “cracks under the slightest pressure.” He said the airline uses antiquated crew-scheduling technology that leads to cascading disruptions when flights are canceled in one part of its network.

Unions at both Southwest and American have also argued that management has been too slow to bring pilots back from leaves of absence that the airlines persuaded them to take during the pandemic, leaving them short-handed.

In a video for employees, Southwest Chief Operating Officer Mike Van de Ven said that despite “a very aggressive hiring plan … we are still not where we want to be with staffing,” especially pilots.

While this is the narrative the media is spinning to cover for the massive amount of flight cancellations, most agree it is a direct result of the vaccine mandates.

Just look no further than the photo of a Gadsden Flag hanging from this cockpit of a Southwest Airlines plane. ‘

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