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Parents Sue Wisconsin School Districts After Children Test Positive for COVID-19

Several Wisconsin parents are suing two school districts after their children allegedly contracted COVID-19 from a classmate. Lawyer Frederick Melms filed the lawsuit on Oct. 5 in the U.S. Eastern District of Wisconsin on behalf of parent Shannon Jensen, other parents, and Waukesha School District public school students. The suit was filed against the Waukesha district and board, alleging the district failed to implement proper mitigation protocols. On Monday, another parent, Gina Kildahl, filed a separate complaint against Fall Creek School District (FCSD) in Wisconsin as well as its board, superintendent, and board members. “By bringing students back to class around unmasked staff, reinstituting extracurricular activities, and allowing potentially contagious visitors and volunteers into the schools without masks, FCSD and the BOARD threw students into a Covid-19 ‘snake pit’ creating an affirmative duty to keep their students safe from Covid-19,” Kildahl’s complaint said. In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Kildahl claimed her son …

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