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Princeton lecture sign-ups surge after MIT staff said it would ‘threaten’ student ‘safety’

“Princeton, New Jersey, USA – November 5, 2011. A group of students walking towards clock tower of Blair Hall in Princeton University. Princeton is a university worldwide renowned for its prestige. Fourth oldest college in the USA, it was chartered in 1746. Undergraduate and graduate education is available in many fields such as humanities, social and natural sciences and engineering.” (iStock photo)

Princeton lecture sign-ups surge after MIT staff said it would ‘threaten’ student ‘safety’

Asher Notheis October 12, 11:25 AMOctober 12, 11:25 AM

A professor’s speech canceled due to outrage from academic colleagues on Twitter may have benefited from the anger — thousands of people have overwhelmed the registration limit on the lecture’s new event.

Dorian Abbot’s lecture, which will be hosted by Princeton University via Zoom on Oct. 21, has expanded its availability after the lecture reached its registration limit last week. The lecture was intended to be hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before it was canceled in September, but it was later picked up by Princeton University on Oct. 4, according to Princeton professor Robert George.

MIT canceled Abbot’s lecture on Sept. 30 after what Abbot calls “a small group of ideologues” complained about a Newsweek op-ed Abbot and Stanford University professor Ivan Marinovic wrote in mid-August. In the op-ed, Abbot and Marinovic argued for a framework in university enrollment in which applicants are treated as individuals and evaluated on their “merit and qualifications alone.”

The planned lecture, however, is not related to Abbot’s political views or philosophy of education — it is a lecture on the study of extrasolar planets.


“I’m delighted to report that we’ve expanded the Zoom quota for Dr Dorian Abbot’s Princeton lecture — the one shockingly and shamefully canceled by MIT — and literally thousands of people have registered,” George tweeted. “It’s October 21st (the day it had been scheduled at MIT) at 4:30 Eastern time.”

Abbot wrote a separate op-ed on Oct. 5, criticizing MIT’s decision to react so quickly to the demands. Abbot argued that people claim “cancel culture is just holding people accountable,” but he challenged people to look more into his situation to find anything that would require holding him “accountable,” according to his op-ed in Common Sense with Bari Weiss.


“What you will find instead is the writing of a man who takes his moral duty seriously and is trying to express his concerns strongly, but respectfully,” Abbot wrote. “You may agree with some of my positions and disagree with others, but in a free society they cannot be considered beyond the pale.”

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